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Leaping frogs

Over recent years I’ve come across the need to design and build a website generally under tight time and budget constraints. With this in mind I went looking for a framework to build off of to save myself from the many pitfalls of starting from scratch. Enter Bootstrap.

It’s probably been a while since I built anything using it, but after I came across a website which sells themes for Bootstrap, I decided to brush of my theming skills (if I had any) and “throw” together a theme or two and see if they’d earn me some Red Bull money.

I flippantly used the word throw there because it turns out whilst designing and building a theme can seem relatively easy, it’s actually really hard. Or at least it was/is for me. But that’s good, I like to think that if I’m worrying this much over it, the end result will be great and satisfy all those who end up buying it. Speculating over what templates and things I should include and how to make it appealing is an ongoing struggle.

But, don’t worry! It would seem I made it to a point where I’m happy enough to let my new themes, Colorfrog and Onefrog, into the wild. And for the component section I’ve made Browserfrog – a¬†responsive, HTML/CSS alternative to raster- and vector-based browser frames for screenshots. Go and check them out (and buy them!).

What’s with the frogs?

I don’t know! I wanted a home for these themes outside of the market place and for some reason I had frogs on my mind. So, I created to serve as a little home for my theming¬†endeavours.