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Refresh, Refresh

Just over a year ago I launched version 5 of my website on the world, it was my first blog driven version. At the time I thought it would be good to place barriers to publication beyond simply not pressing the publish button.

To cut a long story short, that was a bad idea.

One year on I’ve only managed to post 2 things but managed to collect 15 draft versions of posts doing nothing more than gathering dust.

I stealth launched the latest version of my website a few days ago now, and since then I’ve been trying to write a meaningful introductory post, just without much luck. I’ve been trying to add fluff where no fluff was needed.

Sans Fluff

In essence you’re looking at a stripped back evolution of what came a year ago. The focus is on the content and to that end pretty much dispenses of everything distracting from that. If you’re interested in how it’s built then take a poke around or ask a question in the comments, as at least for this post, I’m not going to go into detail.

I’ve arrived where I want to be. I’ve a platform which I’m happy with now, and I believe I will be in a years time. Now I can focus on what’s important—the stuff which will fill the coming pages.



Hey Ben. I found your site, and this post, via I love the blog design, what platform are you running it on? Nice use of Futura too.