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My old website was crap.

For longer than I care to remember ‘Redo website’ has adorned many a todo list. I don’t often have anything great to say—but on the occasions that I do—I wanted somewhere to put it so that in the future I could look back and cringe.

Finally, back in January, I found the time and impetus to get going with the redesign. My goals were pretty straight forward; I wanted something clean and simple which would allow me to share some of my random thoughts and rants. The hot topics of the time were HTML5 (and to a lesser degree CSS3), web typograhpy and responsive web design. So, of course, my new website had to be built with these things in mind.

Nuts and Bolts

Without further ado

Some parts of my site feel half done and I’d have loved to have tested more on this and that device. If I did that, this would remain on a todo list for the foreseeable future. So it’s time to put it out there and let it be a work in progress.

Without further ado—I give you my new website.