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Typekit Love

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Typekit Love is an attempt to gather real world examples of web sites which are helping push the boundaries of typography on the web.

Specifically, Typekit Love is devoted to web sites which use fonts provided by Typekit. Whilst there are alternative services Typekit Love is born out of my personal fascination with Typekit. It was the first such service I used and remains my standard go to for many reasons: huge selection of fonts, reasonable pricing and great service.

One thing which I feel is lacking across all of these services is inspiration for designers. Typekit runs a regular series on their blog titled ‘Sites we like’ and provides a small gallery of examples. But for me that’s not enough. I want more.

I’m not a typography geek. I have never been formally trained to know why and how certain things work together—or indeed don’t—but this has never stopped me. One of the great aspects of working on and for the web is the community. Nothing beats surfing around and soaking in the work of others to help inspire and teach oneself.

For me the purpose of Typekit Love is to give something back to the community. I hope other people can find inspiration from within those pages just as I have countless times from many other great websites.