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2013: The Year of the Dollar

I don’t really do new years resolutions, but I do recall in early 2013 saying to myself that this would be the year I actually make some money from the internet.

For as long as I’ve done this web development thing I’ve been working on projects that were set to earn millions. But then, isn’t everything? The sad fact, repeated over and over the past 10 years is that, no, the majority of stuff you work on amounts to nothing.

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Leaping frogs

Over recent years I’ve come across the need to design and build a website generally under tight time and budget constraints. With this in mind I went looking for a framework to build off of to save myself from the many pitfalls of starting from scratch. Enter Bootstrap.

It’s probably been a while since I built anything using it, but after I came across a website which sells themes for Bootstrap, I decided to brush of my theming skills (if I had any) and “throw” together a theme or two and see if they’d earn me some Red Bull money.

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AppSumo badge bashing

After finishing the refresh of my website I found myself with a crisp empty sidebar. No problem, I’ll find something useful to put in there over time, or then I’ll just leave it empty. But wait—why don’t I throw an AppSumo badge there? After all, I find some of their products interesting and Noah and Neville make the best videos ever, their energy is infectious.

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Refresh, Refresh

Just over a year ago I launched version 5 of my website on the world, it was my first blog driven version. At the time I thought it would be good to place barriers to publication beyond simply not pressing the publish button.

To cut a long story short, that was a bad idea.

One year on I’ve only managed to post 2 things but managed to collect 15 draft versions of posts doing nothing more than gathering dust.

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Trimming the fat: reducing http requests to keep us on the mobile first diet

This is a cross post of an article I originally published on the Svenska YLE Utvecklingsbloggen whilst working on the development of their new web platform based on Drupal. Archived here so I know it will live on!

In an attempt to follow the ‘mobile first’ ethos, reducing the amount of loaded assets on smaller devices is high on the priority list.

Using media queries we can effectively control the loading of things like background images, but what about the CSS itself? After all, it seems wasteful to load CSS specifically for desktops when viewing a site on a mobile device.

A common misconception of media queries is that a device only downloads the CSS of a matched query (when using the query in the media attribute of a link element).

This is not the case.

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